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Welcome to Pathways Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

Sometimes in life we feel lost; the path ahead is not clear and we do not know which way to turn.

Pathways counsellors are here to help you find your way...

Founded in 2001, Pathways is the name of a group of counsellors - Rebecca Durrant and Jill Hinton - who are professionally trained and qualified in Person-Centred counselling and other therapeutic modalities.

Pathways counsellors have a wealth of experience in working in many different fields and are committed to offering the highest quality of counselling and psychotheraly. We believe in equality and do not judge people for their age, race, religion, class, gender, sexuality, disability or lifestyle.

We are all on the register of the Professional Standards Authority and Accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and are subject to this organisation's code of ethics and complaints procedures.